Marco Island is a 4 x 6 mile Island. It is separated into different sections, or units. Depending on the unit you live in, waterways will determine where you will navigate out to open water. Because of the canal system on Marco Island, the different bridges dictate the presence of water direct and water-indirect lots.

There are approximately 200 miles of seawall and 100 miles of canals on Marco Island. The majority of water-indirect lots are 80 x 100 ft. The majority of water-direct lots are 100 x 110 ft. Lots in the Estates section of Marco Island are typically 125 x 175 ft.

This custom mapping system that you are viewing right now was created with the intention of enhancing both the buying and selling experience of real estate. This mapping system aids Buyers in the process of selecting the perfect home. It allows prospective buyers to see how they would navigate from the potential property out to open water.

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